Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership

The Southeastern Aquatic Resources Partnership Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance and direction for the SARP program; for providing authorization for collection and expenditure of funds for the program, including grants; and for general supervision and administration of the program through the SARP Coordinator.  This Committee was established by the SEAFWA but SEAFWA does not appoint the Committee members and there are several entities on the Committee from marine and other agencies.  However, most Committee members, as well as contributions, are from SEAFWA member agencies.  

Chairman: Ross L. Self
Chief, Freshwater Fisheries

SCDNR, PO Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202

T   803-734-3808

Chris Greene - AL
Bill Posey - AR
BJ Jamison - FL
Mike Hardin - KY
Ricky Moses - LA
Christopher Kennedy - MO
Larry Bull - MS
Todd Ewing - NC
Jim Burroughs - OK
Ross Self - SC
Jason Henegar - TN
Tim Birdsong - TX
Ron Southwick - VA

Marine Members
Kevin Anson - AL
Jan MacKinnon - GA
Julia Lightner - LA
Jason Saucier - MS
Jimmy Johnson - NC
Michael Hodges - SC
Emma Clarkson - TX