Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Committee is responsible for advising the SEAFWA Directors and making recommendations on issues and matters regarding resource law enforcement which may affect the ability of member states to fulfill their management responsibilities.  The Committee shall function as liaison with the Law Enforcement Section and the Directors, including reviewing and making recommendations regarding law enforcement activities and programs at the annual conference.  The Committee shall seek ways and means of interacting with other SEAFWA committees to most effectively coordinate resource law enforcement with other fish and wildlife management efforts.  Membership on this Committee should include a representative from each member state as recommended by the state Director.

Chair: Rotating Chair held by Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Annual Conference host state

Chair: Howard Forbes, Sr.
Chief of Environmental Enforcement

Dept of Planning & Natural Resources
Government of the Virgin Islands


Col. Michael Weathers - AL
Col. Greg Rae - AR
Col. Curtis Brown - FL
Col. Thomas Barnard- GA
Col. Shane Carrier - KY
Col Chad Hebert - LA
Chief Randy Doman-  MO
Col. Steve Adcock - MS
Col. Jon Evans - NC
Col. Nathan Erdman- OK
Col. Chisolm Frampton - SC
Col. Darren Rider - TN
Col. Chad Jones– TX
Major Scott Naff - VA
Major Bryan Young - VA
Col. Jerry Jenkins - WV